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Preventative Dentistry

Desensitizing Treatments

Sometimes the gum tissue will pull away from the tooth exposing a small portion of the root of the tooth. At times this can be very sensitive, especially to cold, sweet and acid foods, cold air, or to the touch of metal instruments. Our team can identify and apply medicaments best suited for the specific situation that will decrease and even eliminate this tooth sensitivity. We may also recommend a sensitive toothpaste or fluoridated rinse to help protect these exposed areas.

“Bruxism” or Tooth Grinding Guards

Some people can be grinding or clenching their teeth in their sleep without even being aware that they have these habits. This can create considerable damage to the teeth and the bone around the teeth and other supporting jaw structures. In these cases, we recommend a guard that just covers the tops of the teeth. It is custom made to fit your teeth/bite, lab fabricated and worn at night to prevent further tooth destruction.

Sports Guards

We make custom sports mouth guards to comfortably and precisely fit over your teeth to provide superior protection during contact sports Sport guards are recommended for both adults and children to prevent against direct impact injury as well as to protect the teeth and jaw in the event of a sudden fall that causes the teeth to inadvertently hit together.



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