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Initial Examination

Dr. Todorovic and her team will provide a complete examination at your first visit so that together you can discuss your present oral condition and future goals. The exam may include some radiographs (x-rays) to identify any problems not directly visible in the mouth (cysts & abscess, cavities between the teeth, impacted teeth), a complete head and neck exam, an oral cancer screen, a hard tissue exam to check for cavities, evaluate how your teeth come together, look at your jaw joints, and check your gums.

For a nominal fee, we can also do a VELscope examine your oral tissues. VELscope enables us to examine and check for abnormalities in layers of the tissues that are deeper than the human eye alone can see. This provides you with the best oral cancer screening currently available.

After completing the initial examination we will discuss the findings and treatment alternatives with you. Together we’ll develop a plan that meets both your dental and financial needs.

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