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When required, we have the experience to remove teeth, causing little to no discomfort. As this can be a distressing procedure for some, we will provide a medication to help a patient relax prior to the procedure if desired. Removal of teeth may be necessary for a variety of reasons:

Crowded Teeth

We only remove teeth as a last resort. Sometimes there is not enough room in the jaw and some teeth have to be removed so that the remaining teeth can be properly aligned.

Wisdom Teeth

Few people have enough room in their jaws to accommodate their “wisdom teeth” or third molars. Rather than having the wisdom teeth adversely affect other teeth or create additional problems if they are left in the jaws, we may advise that the teeth be removed early to avoid complications.

Extensively decayed or broken teeth

Occasionally teeth can be badly broken or have such extensive decay that they cannot be repaired. We employ all methods currently available to preserve teeth and only remove teeth if no other option is possible. Teeth that are vertically fractured beneath the gum are also extremely difficult to treat and often require extraction.


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